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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Australian to be charged over partner's jet ski death, Thai police say

(BBC)---Emily Jayne Collie, 20, died in the crash involving two rented jet skis on the resort island of Phuket on Sunday.
Thomas Keating, 22, told police that sunlight reflecting off the water prevented him from seeing Ms Collie, the Bangkok Post reported.
The Australian woman's family are travelling to collect her body.
"Ms Collie's boyfriend, Mr Keating, who was driving the other jet ski when they collided, will face a charge of reckless driving causing death," local police lieutenant Patiwat Yodkhwan told reporters.
She suffered neck and shoulder injuries in the crash and was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.
Australian consular officials are providing assistance to her family.

Relatives 'devastated'

Lt Patiwat said the jet ski owner did not want payment for damage to the machines because "he wants Phuket to have a good reputation as a holiday destination".
He said under an insurance policy taken out for the rental, Ms Collie's family will be entitled to a payment of 50,000 Thai baht (£1,145; $1,430).
Mr Keating's sister, Bree Lyon, told Fairfax Media her family was "absolutely devastated" about Ms Collie's death.
"I love how you loved my brother, the way you looked into his eyes with nothing but pure love, it was the truest thing I've ever been grateful to witness," she said.
Tourism is a key component of Thailand's economy, but the Australian government warns travellers of the risks of hiring jets skis and motorcycles in the country.
"Many vehicle hire companies do not have insurance and any damage, loss, or costs associated with injuries to third parties will be your responsibility to negotiate or pay," the warning on Australia's Smart Traveller website says.
"In addition to checking that your travel insurance covers hospital and other costs associated with motorbike, jet ski or other vehicle accidents, also ensure that the hiring company holds comprehensive insurance, including third-party, for the vehicle you are hiring."
More than 32 million foreign tourists visited Thailand in 2016.

Thirty more tech firms oppose Trump ban

(BBC)----The new signatories include Tesla, Adobe, HP and Evernote.
They join 97 others who have filed a legal document stating the ban "inflicts significant harm" on their businesses and is unconstitutional.
The amicus brief allows parties not directly involved in a case but who feel affected by it, to give a view.
It was filed in Washington on Sunday and also includes Apple, Facebook and Microsoft as signatories.
Mr Trump's executive order halted the entire US refugee programme for 120 days, indefinitely banned Syrian refugees and suspended permission to enter the US for all nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.
There is currently a nationwide temporary restraining order in place, which was issued on Friday by a federal judge in Washington.
This means visa holders from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen will be allowed to enter the US until the full case has been heard.
However, the president has said he will fight the order as it puts national security at risk.
"Of course, the federal government can and should implement targeted, appropriate adjustments to the nation's immigration system to enhance the nation's security," reads the tech group's brief.
"But a broad, open-ended ban - together with an indication that the ban could be expanded to other countries without notice - does not fit the goal of making the country more secure. Instead, it will undermine American interests."

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

US travel ban: Officials admit poor communication but defend policy

(BBC)---The policy has caused uproar internationally and was challenged by the acting US attorney general, whom Mr Trump then fired.
Top Republican Paul Ryan said he regretted that some people with valid documents had been affected.
But he also defended the ban, saying it aimed to prevent terror attacks.
In international reaction:
  • Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Khalid al-Falih told the BBC criticism of the ban was "exaggerated"
  • UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd warned that the travel ban could become a "propaganda opportunity" for so-called Islamic State. She called the US president's move "divisive" and "wrong"
  • New UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said closing borders to people based on their religion, ethnicity or nationality was a "blind" measure which risked handing a propaganda victory to extremists

'Not the best'

Speaking at a news conference, the heads of the department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said 720 people had been detained and "humanely processed" since Mr Trump's executive order was issued.
CBP chief Kevin McAleenan acknowledged that public and government communications had not been "the best" as the policy was rolled out.
He also said that although the order had suspended the US refugee programme, 872 refugees had been granted waivers and were due to arrive in the US this week because they had been ready to travel and preventing them from doing so would have caused undue hardship.
Homeland Security chief John Kelly denied that President Trump's order - which affects people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - amounted to a ban on Muslims and said the vast majority of the world's Muslims still had access to the US.
The 90-day order, he argued, would give officials time to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the US immigration system, something which was "long overdue".
"Some of those countries may not be taken off the list any time soon," he said. "They are countries that are in various states of collapse."
The US was also considering examining the web browsing history, mobile phone contacts and social media profiles of visa applicants from countries where there was little confidence in local law enforcement agencies, he said.
Mr McAleenan offered some clarification on how dual citizens were affected, saying the US authorities would handle people based on the passport they were travelling on.
Several governments - including the UK, Canada and Switzerland - have already said that their citizens who are also citizens of the seven countries affected by the ban are free to travel to the US.
Mr Ryan said he was confident that the policy would now be "done correctly" and would impose the "kind of vetting standards that we all want to see".
"No-one wanted to see people with Green Cards or special immigrant visas, like translators, get caught up in all of this," he said.
Many US officials remain critical of the policy, however.
Hundreds of American diplomats sent a memo to the state department's leadership on Tuesday expressing dissent.
"A policy which closes our doors to over 200 million legitimate travelers in the hopes of preventing a small number of travelers who intend to harm Americans from using the visa system to enter the United States will not achieve its aim of making our country safer," they wrote.
"This ban stands in opposition to the core American and constitutional values that we, as federal employees, took an oath to uphold."
White House spokesman Sean Spicer said earlier officials could "get with the programme or go".
The Saudi oil minister said travel restrictions after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 had affected thousands of Saudi Arabians but were later resolved and he expected the same to happen with Mr Trump's policy.
He said he did not think Mr Trump would place restrictions on Saudis entering the US because tens of thousands of Saudi students were studying there.
The fact that most of the 9/11 attackers were Saudis, he said, had been a deliberate attempt by former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to destroy the US-Saudi relationship.

Germany Arnstein: Carbon monoxide killed six teens found in hut

(BBC)---The deaths plunged the community in the town of Arnstein into mourning.
The five young men and a woman, all aged 18 or 19, were found on Sunday by the landowner whose son and daughter were among the victims.
Police say a wood-burning stove was in use at the hut, but other possible causes are still being investigated.
"The six adolescents... died from carbon monoxide poisoning," said a police statement.
"The cause of the leakage of the toxic gas remains under investigation."
The owner of the hut said he had gone there after his children failed to return from the party the night before.
A neighbour told German media that his daughter had been celebrating her 18th birthday.
The brick building is some distance outside the town and the area was covered in snow.
The tragedy has caused an outpouring of grief in the town, which is about 30km (18 miles) north of the city of Wuerzburg.
An area has been set aside in the local church for flowers, candles and other tributes to the teenagers. A gathering for friends and relatives was held there on Monday "for grief, remembrance and prayer".

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Deutsche Bank fined by regulators over money laundering claims

(BBC)---Under the scheme, clients illegally moved $10bn out of Russia via shares bought and sold through the bank's Moscow, London and New York offices.
Authorities said Deutsche had missed "numerous opportunities" to detect, investigate and stop the scheme.
Deutsche Bank said it was co-operating with regulators.
It also said it had put aside money to cover the cost of the settlement.
During the investigation, New York authorities and Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that so called "mirror" trades had been carried out through the bank between 2011 and 2015.
Clients would purchase stocks in roubles in Moscow before their counterparts sold the same stock at the same price through the bank's London branch.

'Unsafe and unsound'

"By converting roubles into dollars through security trades that had no discernible economic purpose, the scheme was a means for bad actors within a financial institution to achieve improper ends while evading compliance with applicable laws," according to the legal document detailing the settlement with DFS.
Regulators blasted the bank for failing to spot the ruse, saying it had conducted its business in an "unsafe and unsound" manner.
They also said the lender's anti-financial crime teams were ineffective and understaffed.
In total, New York authorities fined the bank $425m while the UK's FCA's fine was £163m, or about $204m.
In addition to paying the settlement, Deutsche Bank also will be required to hire an outside monitor to review its internal compliance measures.
It comes less than two weeks after the German bank finalised a $7.2bn settlement with the US Justice Department over its role in the 2008 financial crisis.
In addition to Monday's action, regulators fined three other banks for violations of anti-money laundering laws.
Italy's Intesa Sanpaolo was fined $235m, Agricultural Bank of China was fined $215m and and Mega Bank of Taiwan was fined $185m.

Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan detains 26/11 Mumbai attacks suspect

(BBC)---Hafiz Saeed - who led the banned Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant group and has a $10m (£5.8m) US bounty on his head - is under house arrest in Lahore.
He has repeatedly denied involvement in the Mumbai attacks.
But Delhi and Washington both believe he masterminded the shooting and bombing massacre.
A spokesman for Mr Saeed claimed the Pakistani government had been pressured by the US to act against him.
Mr Saeed heads Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), a Pakistani charity group which India and the US say is a front for the LeT. It is listed as a terror outfit by the United Nations, and was put on a Pakistani terror watch list in 2015.
Four JuD members have also been placed in "preventative detention", according to an order by the interior ministry.

Tensions over Mumbai massacre

The Islamist leader's free movement in Pakistan has been a source of tension between Islamabad and Delhi for years, but it is unclear why the authorities decided to move against him now.
He was put under house arrest in 2008 after the bloodshed in Mumbai, but released about six months later. Pakistan maintained there was not enough evidence to put him on trial or hand him over to India.
The Mumbai carnage played out on live television as commandos battled the heavily armed attackers, who arrived by sea on the evening of 26 November, 2008.
The 10 gunmen killed commuters, tourists, and some of India's wealthy elite in a rampage that included attacks on two luxury hotels, a Jewish centre, and a train station.
It took the authorities three days to regain full control of the city.
Delhi believes there is evidence that "official agencies" in Pakistan were involved in plotting the attack - a charge Islamabad denies.

'US pressure'

Despite the bounty against him, Mr Saeed has led a high-profile public life in Pakistan, regularly delivering fierce anti-India speeches.
In a 2014 interview with the BBC, Mr Saeed said the US was only targeting his organisation to win India's help in Afghanistan.
News of the cleric's detention surfaced hours after Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar hinted at an imminent crackdown.
He told reporters in Islamabad that Pakistan is "under obligation to take some action" as JuD is blacklisted internationally and has been under observation for years.
"The situation will be clear on this by tomorrow," he said on Monday.
A senior Pakistani defence ministry official told Reuters that Islamabad had not heard anything from President Trump's administration, but had been feeling US pressure over the terror suspect.
"Trump is taking hard decisions against Muslim countries, there is open talk of actions against Pakistan also. So yes, this was a consideration," said the official.

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